2010-2013 Camaro tint halo special

Optimum Edition

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Product Overview

  • Introducing our new Tint Halos - the perfect solution for Chevy car enthusiasts who want the stunning visual effect of RGBW halos without the blocky LED look.
  • Designed to blend in seamlessly with the black bezels of our 2010-2013 Camaro headlights.
  • Special package includes a pair of SpecD 6th Gen style headlights, complete with RGBW DRL and matching RGBW Tint Halos and Demon Eyes.
  • Also includes a pair of non-RS style fog lights with matching Tint Halos for a coordinated, eye-catching look.
  • Waterproof Bluetooth control makes it easy to control your Tint Halos and Demon Eyes.
  • Take your Chevy Camaro to the next level of style and performance - order your Tint Halos package today!


Warranty Information

1 year limited


(No reviews yet) Write a Review